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I'm a wife and a mother of 4. I began my 'journey' at 149+ kilos. 8 weeks ago i finally broke the magical barrier of 130 that had confounded me for so long and weighed in at 129.2. Stupid me though, i self sabotaged again and let family issues close me off to the world and i am now 134.6 again and rareing to do anything it takes to get back into new territory.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

A bushwalking rehash

Hmmmm, i wonder how silly i am about to be.

1 year and a month ago i tried a huge hike. And i was buggered. See link if interested.


Well i am about to try it again. I don't think there will be much difference as i have slacked off with exercising and mostly stick to walking all the time. I am still babying my spark and thought maybe rehashing something from a year ago may help ignite that little sucker into a full blown fire.

Ummm, we are back. I think!. After the first 10 mins i started to panic and worried that i had made a mistake....de ja vu??? I thought i would be lucky to shave 10 mins off. Then i remembered the 2 hours 10 thing didn't include the rest breaks and photo ops etc. So i hoped to be between 2 hrs to 2 hours 10 with out resting. Remember it is a 2hour ther and back recommendation.

Well....the stairs killed me just as much as they did the first time. There are two huge sets. You go down them on the way there which of course means up on the way back. The first set - on the way back was bad enough and i had slight pauses and cursed my stupidity. The second set was massive and i was starting to panic. Many pauses in the first half of them and then i just told myself i hated this person i was...who can't even manage huge steep steps and i needed to do this for the plane. So with every right step i kept repeating, the plane, the plane, the plane and i managed to finish the second half off with only 2 pauses. ( now when i say steps, think.....huge bloody shelves that take 2 steps between each layer and standing on 1 layer has the next layer to your knee. There are some smaller ones whis only reach mid calf length though) And i thought i would have handled it so much better as for almost a year now i have stopped taking the elevator and used only stairs or escalators - which i walk up and don't remain still on) But i digress.
So we made it over many mountains - though after i had cleared both steps we stopped for a drinks break. 3 mins there.
And the brilliant news!!!!
1 hour and 33 mins there and back! If i take off the drinks break like i did first time round we shaved 40 mins off last time. No wonder i felt it a little earlier, we were going all out. And what is even better. I wasn't strolling along as i shaved 30 mins of the recommended time even.
So, without anything else. That is a true test of fitness and i DID win.
Now please....can someone carry me to my bed?????

BTW.....my children don't normally like so artisitic. LOL
Check out the waves behind them, they were HUGE.


Friday, July 11, 2008

A positive exercise.

What a fast week. We went for another family BBQ yesterday. It has been quite a cheap holiday period because most of the things we have done are activity orientated instead of the movies etc... They love walking down to the main town and i love the fact that they go to sleep early. Actually i went to bed early as well, and it wasn't long before i fell asleep.
Weigh in day....1.4kg down. I'm 1 kilo off where i will start celebrating again. Although my lowest was in the 133 region that was after taking a fluid tablet, which can dehydrate you a little, and i haven't had one since then so i think this is more of a true reading this time.

it has been a clean up day today. Sorting through bedrooms and stuff. We want a lazy weekend before school starts again. Only a couple of months and i lose 3 out of 4 children for 3 days when they all go on exactly the same camp. Boy wont it be quiet then. And although i don't mind being child free for a few hours, i think losing them for 3 days will be quite tough.

Tip 34 Motivation and mindset.
Know why you want to lose weight

It may seem obvious, but it really helps to have a clear understanding of the reasons why you want to shed body fat. You will have a better chance Of achieving your goals if you are truely convinced of the benefits that your new behaviours will bring. This can help to inspire you and keep you on track during times of doubt. Some of the more common positive reasons that people want to lose weight include improving your health, buy new clothes, or fit back into old clothes, improve your appearance, feel more confident, improve your fitness level or to sleep better.

Now it suggests writing down 2 reasons, which funnily enough is sort of on a theme with what some people have doing in the 50kg+ group.

I am going to put down 2 aesthetic reasons and 2 fundamental reasons.

1> I want to be able to wear a killer pair of midlength boots.
2> I have started to covet some clothes i see out and about and even though i have only lost a small amount of weight i have experimented with layering - which is something i never used to do, and would like to take this further.

1> There are active things i want to participate in....riverrafting, indoor rock climbing etc...
2> i will have to take a plane trip early next year (my first) and i don't want to require a seat belt extender or 'spill over' into someone elses seat.

These reasons are not inclusive of the normal, want to fix my self confidence problems.

Well, i hope everyone has a great, lazy end of school holiday weekend
Edit: I got home from dropping off my son at a friends house to find that, what i was going to cook for dinner has just about been finished off by my daughter. She cooked dinner last night so it was a nice surprise. She is really into cooking at the moment.

And another part on the aesthetic reason for losing weight. I have just been sent an email with sleeping arrangements for my daughters trip next year. I didn't even think about it but i guess i would've assumed i would be lodging with my daughter.....ahhhh no! I have to room with someone elses mum More of a reason huh!


Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Tuesday, 8th Jul 2008

Well the end of another day. Yesterday wasn't terribly good. I started the day off great, brekkie and logging into here. But i couldn't make it back on and i couldn't stop eating. I'm sure it isn't TTOTM as i have recently had it. Maybe because i was paying less attention to my food- not logging it in, i just didn't focus properly. My eldest has searched through Annette Syms books and is planning on making something for tea tomorrow. Lucky i have shopping to do tomorrow. Well that's all for today. A bit boring really.

Night all

tip 33 - Move more
If you walk for weight loss, follow these five steps,/i.

If you had to pick one activity that is best for weight loss, and suits the majority of people, walking is a clear stand out. It's an easy, accessible and enjoyable way to lose weight, get fit, reduce stress and boost your energy levels. It can be done almost anywhere, anytime, by anyone, and best of all - it's free. But walking is actually a very easy, efficient activity for your body, and doesn't burn a lot of cals, especially if you just cruise along. Studies have shown that up to 94% of walkers don't walk frequently enough or fast enough to gain health benefits.

Here are 5 key strategies that can help you make walking a more effective, fat-burning exercise.
*Walk fast Speed matters. People who maintain a faster pace while walking will burn more cals and get better results. Try to swing your arms, and walk as if you are 5 mins late.

* Walk long When you are starting out, any walking is ideal. But after a month or two, longer walks will bring you better results. Aim for around 3-4 hours of walking every 7 days.

*Walk often Aim for 4-7 days a week, depending on how fast and for how long you walk. Try not to miss 2 days in a row.

*Step it up as you get fitter The more you walk, the more efficient your body gets at moving around. To keep burning more and more cals, up the duration, intensity or frequency of your walks as your fitness improves.

*Mix it up Add variety to your routine by walking on different surfaces....grass, sand, hills.... at different times of the day, for different durations, at different intensities(interval training is a must) or intersperse some bodyweight exercises - push ups, lunges, along the way.


Friday, July 4, 2008

Hooo Hum

nothing important to mention.

lost 800gms

on to the tip.

tip 32 - Good food

Be patient with your tastebuds, train them well

When you first cut back with sugar, salt or fat, your taste buds may not appreciate it. They expect the flavours and textures of foods to come in contact with most often. But your taste buds renew themselves every few weeks. Think of someone you know who has cut out sugar from their tea. It's generally tough for the first few weeks, but then it gets easier and after a while they can enjoy tea without the sugar. The same applies to cutting back on fat, such as switching from full fat milk to skim milk or using less butter on your toast.

Give yourself a month for your tastebuds to adjust to a different way of eating. Stay patient, use more herbs and spices to add flavour and train your tastebuds to enjoy healthier eating.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Fueling my inner fire.

Hello fellow members..........I feel like an old women today. After a long walk down to the towns main park to take the kids for a BBQ - i know....so not the weather, plus a wander around town and then the long trek back my ankles are voicing their opinion. I'm not buggered anywhere else, and as i have known for a while now i no longer breath heavily with exertion anymore. Just this lingering thing. Though that is to be expected. The kids had fun though, a day out on the cheap....no harm to the planet, quality time and they'll be looking a bed time more favourably tonight i'd imagine. Hmmmmm, maybe wishful thinking though.

I read a post today that upset me......Not the post itself or the poster....postee? but anyways.

fewer that 5% of people like us manage to lose weight without surgical intervention (Australian Institute of Health & Welfare,2008) and a huge percentage die prematurely from weight related morbidity including stroke, diabetes & heart failure . Of those who do lose some weight , most regain all of it ,and occasionally some more, within 2 years.

I have heard something to this effect before and reading this today, after so recently taking my precarious seat apon the weightloss wagon, made me feel very down. Well it did before. Now i am fiercely determined that i will be that 5%. After all, why can't i. If i look back at my life i see 2 patterns. I'm not very good at finishing what i start - hence my children being so happy about leaving their shelf for a bit, sorry bad humor, i don't mean the serious things, but that on the other hand, if i really put my mind to anything....and focus - which can be hard, then i can do whatever i want to. I really, truely believe this. I CAN BE THE 5%, I WILL BE THE 5%!!!!!!!!
I may not be the best at everything i have set my mind too but i haven't done too badly at all.
Now to keep the flames burning till i find the next thing to fuel my fire.

BB after to put in the tip. Just had to get this down now.

Tip 31 - Motivation and mindset.

Have a plan to overcome the barriers that are holding you back

The barriers that stop people from losing weight are often learned and habitual. Being able to see those barriers is an important step in addressing them. When you have a better understanding of the habits and attitudes that are holding you back, you'll be in the best position to make a plan to do something about them.
Whatever your barriers are, there are some problem solving strategies that can help you address, replace or rmove them.

*Anticipate - Think about the situations or surroundings where your barriers arise. What can you do to prevent them from occurring? For eg; If you drink too much socially, you can offer to drive.

*Break it down into smaller chunks - Some barriers are simply too big to break down all at once, like emotional eating. Start to manage the process bit by bit and it becomes more achievable. For eg:, start by looking at how to deal with stress in other ways and once you make some progress, look at limiting the junk foods you have in the house.

*Turn it to your advantage - A little creativity can turn your barriers into supporters. For eg: If you watch too much t.v, use your time constructively and buy a treadmill so you can workout at the same time.

*Give yourself time - These barriers may have been with you for a while, like eating large portions at night. Try to whittle down your portion size gradually instead of making drastic changes you can't stick to.

P.S. I have also figured out why my ankles are so sore.....we were out for over 4 hours today and all but 20-30 mins we were on our feet and at least 2 and a half of them had us walking. Phew.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Still here

Another day.
Eaten fine, just got back from a 30 min walk with 2 of my kids. It's bitterly cold out there. I haven't done much interval training in home today as i have been looking after another child and it is bad enough looking like a fool in front of my own kids, let alone someone elses.
Tomorrow i am going to have a salad for dinner as we are going to an all you can eat place for lunch. It's for my sons b'day.
Day 2 of the hols and the kids bedrooms look like the local tip. Clothes are strewn everywhere - costume changes for....tada, sing star comps. They are on a break right now as i have complained that my ears are bleeding.
BRB....time to play referee.

Back now. Hubby has made me a steamfresh microwave meal. Tuesdays are normally catch and kill night and i found these light microwave meals at Westernfresh meats in Karingal. 2 for $4. They have many great deals. Might go there again this weekend. Cheap, cheap meats and veg too.

See you tomorrow blog.

Tip 30 - move more
Don't be embarrassed to exercise
Do you hate the thought of exercising in public? Embarassment is recognised as one of the main reasons people avaoid physical activity. It can stem from a fear of looking silly, or negative experiences from the past that foster a negative attitude towards exercise. Some of this fear of embarassment is associated with gyms, where pepole feel uncomfortable in that enviroment or intimidated by being around people who are in good shape. Other reasons may be that people feel too old or unskilled to operate equipment, lack co-ordination for classes and some fear they'll destroy equipment. This becomes a vicious cycle, where the people who need to exercise more are the ones feeling uncomfortable doing it. But you dont have to join a gym. You do however, have to be active if you are serious about losing body fat.

It is important to feel relaxed and comfortable when you exercise. If you feel embarrassed in public, look at ways you can exercise at home. Get some fitness equiptment or an instructional dvd, or even try walking at night. As your fitness improves and you lose weight, your confidence will grow and any embarrassment will be less of an issue.