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I'm a wife and a mother of 4. I began my 'journey' at 149+ kilos. 8 weeks ago i finally broke the magical barrier of 130 that had confounded me for so long and weighed in at 129.2. Stupid me though, i self sabotaged again and let family issues close me off to the world and i am now 134.6 again and rareing to do anything it takes to get back into new territory.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Tip 14 - Good food.

Cut back your cal intake gradually

When you cut back your cal intake, one unfortunate side effect is that your metabolic rate will slow down. Your body realises that less fuel is coming in, so it makes a few adjustments to conserve calories. This is sometimes referred to as survival mode, as your body uses its own defence mechanisim against starvation. While you can't prevent this response you can actively minimize it, and keep your metabolism firing along. Try to reduce your cal intake in small steps instead of making massive changes. Studies show that a dramatic cut in cals can reduce your metabolic rate by as much as 45% compared to as little as 10% with a more gradual restriction.
A gradual reduction encourages your body to use up its fat stores. A dramatic reduction forces the body to break down some muscle protein to make up the deficit, and slows down your metabolism. Try to cut back a little bit more each week over 1-2 months. It's also important to note that physical activity can also help to minimize that drop in your metabolic rate when you reduce your cals.

Hmmmmm......This one is very important and makes a lot of sense. I was going to say it was slighty crapping me as i hardly reduced my cals and i plateaued for quite a while. Now i am wondering if i had cut my cals drastically. The day i started CK! Maybe my plateau was a little slow in coming but it still showed up.

OK, i have had a busy weekend so i will fix my list tomorrow.
Night all

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Tip 13 - Motivation and mindset

The book says....
Use short term goals, and plan a path to your long term goal

Short term goals are like stepping stones to help you reach your destination. These are the specific actions, steps, behaviours, skills and thinking processes you will need for your outcome to eventuate. You have much more control over the process than you do over the results. Some examples are.....
* Plan your meals for the next 7 days.
* Drink water before eating your breakfast, lunch and dinner.
* Have 3 alchohol free nights each week
* Use your dumbbells twice each week.
* Add interval training to your walks once a week.
* Walk for 5 days each week.

Write down your long term goals on a piece of paper, and plan out how you will achieve that goal in steps. Then transfer those steps and goals into your diary. Writing down your goals is a valuable part of the goal setting process. The visual reminder helps to focus your attention on the things that matter. When you consider that 95% of dieters fail to lose weight and keep it off, and only 5% of the population wrotes down their goals, this simple step could make a world of difference.

I'm going to have to get back to this with my own thoughts. All of a sudden the house is full and busy

Friday, May 23, 2008

Tip 12- Move more

Start off slowly, so you don't become an exercise dropout

It's very common for people to start a new exercise program like a bull at a gate, only to give up a few weeks later.

High expectations and slow results are not a good mix. This drop off in enthusiasm often results in a lot of unused gym memberships and exercise machines become dust collectors.

Don't go too hard, too early. Start exercising at a level where you feel comfortable. Train at a low intensity for 2-4 weeks so your muscles and ligaments can adjust to your new and increased level of activity. If your exercise is more intense than walking, make sure you include one or two rest days each week to help your body recover, and keep your mind fresh. Listen to your body, and if you start to feel tired or lacking in motivation, take a day off.....just don't give up.

Sounds like a plan......Have a great weekend everyone

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Tip 11 - Good food.

Know your kilojoules from your calories

Kjs and cals measure the total energy value of foods. Australia uses kjs, but cals are still used as a measurement in the US. 1 cal is equivalent to 4.2 kjs. Our bodies need roughly 5500-6500 kjs per day, although this will vary depending on your age, weight, height and activity levels............(Blah, blah, blah...CK 101)....to burn off 1 kg of body fat we need to create a deficit of 38,000 kjs a week (9000 cals) or 5500kjs a day. That is why fat loss is such a slow process.

Even if you don't want to be obsessed with counting kjs, cals, fat grams or carbs, it is helpful information when you are first changing your diet, or investigating new foods. It gives you a fresh perspective on eating smaller portions, avoiding high-kj laden beverages that don't fill you up and keeping track of your fat and alcohol intake is important. Controlling your kj input puts you in the best position to burn off the excess Kjs already stored on your body as fat.

Hmmmm, i didn't know most of Oz preferred to count kjs. It has always been cals for me. And i thought that to burn off half a kilo you needed to have a defecit of 3500 cals which doubled makes 7000 cals to lose a kilo. That is a 2000 cal difference to this book.
All in all this is another blah, blah tip.
*sigh* Tomorrow brings tip 12.

On the plus side, i have been blogging for almost 2 weeks straight. Yayy me.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Tip 10- Motivation and mindset

Have a clear, positive, long term goal to strive for

Setting goals is one of the most under-used strategies for weight control, but one of the most important. You can have the desire, but without a specific target to aim for you can easily miss the mark. Goal setting gives you direction and motivation, helping you to work systematically and progressively towards an end result.

Setting a long term goal helps to focus you attention, linking knowledge and desire to purpose and action. Setting a goal to lose 10 kilos in 12 months is okay, but your focus is negative. To get over the hurdles and obstacles that will be part of every weight loss journey, it helps to have a positive focus. It is important to think long and hard about what will drive you. Your level of desire to achieve this goal will ultimately determine your level of success. For example.....
* Compete in a local fun run.
* Compete in a marathon, triathlon, big swim or endurance paddling event.
* Walk or cycle between 2 distant towns, suburbs or beaches.
* Complete the Kokoda track in Papua New Guinea.
* Exercise 6 days a week for 12 weeks.

Hmmmmm, this tip seems pretty sound. My goals are weight orientated but because they are so large i don't really focus on them but instead just kind of sideways glance at them.
I think the last example is a great one. To exercise 6 days a week for 12 weeks. I am also quite keen on canoeing or white water rafting. Just waiting for myself to get smaller.
Wanting to accomplish a major physical achievement seems like it can be a strong desire.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Tip 9 - move more

Todays lesson, the book says........

Warm up before you exercise (it can help you burn more cals)

The purpose of a warm up is to prepare your body for exercise, and ease you from a resting state into an active one. The gradual increase in your heart rate helps to deliver more oxygen and glucose to your muscles, which can increase your level of preformance during exercise, and burn more cals. It can also help to prevent soft tissue injuries, which could interrupt the momentum of your exercise program.

A warm up should focus on elevating your heart rate for around 5 mins using the muscles that are part of your planned activity. For gentle walking or cycling, just start at a slower speed for the first few mins. If you have an intense activity like sprinting or weights it may be beneficial to do some stretches after you have elevated your Heart Rate. Never stretch cold. The importance of your warm up will also depend on the air temp. When it's cold, it takes longer to warm up your muscles, so increase the duration.

*sigh* What i knew already. These first few tips seem to be the norm. I am only reading 1 tip a day so i hope they get better. I am persevering though.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Tip 8 - Good food

Go on a diet, as long as it is for life

Diets that promise fast weight loss may be popular, but they are rarely effective. Diets attract attention by offering miracle results, with gimmicky rules or restrictions that seem different, or "too good to be true" People usually go on a diet with the underlying intention of returning to their old habits as quickly as possible. People ditch their new diet because of boredom, deprivation, lack of energy, constipation or hunger. There are no laws that require a fad diet to be effective, factual or safe. One thing you can rely on is that the faster you lose the weight, the faster it will return. That is part of the problem with fad diets - they are a fad. Short term changes in your diet will only lead to short term changes in your body.

There is no ideal way to eat, which is why there are so many different diets. The solutiion is to gradually find your own way, seeking to adapt, modify and experimant with food. Try to develop a way of eating that is easy to live with, forever!. This is sometimes called a lifetime eating plan. The way you eat and exercise to lose weight has to be the way you live when you have lost weight. The best diet secret you will ever learn is that there is no magic diet.

Now i'm posting this late as i didn't like this tip when i first read it. I think i baulked at the title and the word diet, but after re-reading i think i let that sour the tip for me.
In CK we all seem to use the term lifestyle instead of diet. But maybe we say the words without meaning them....At least maybe i did.
Yes, i knew that healthy choices would have to be permanent, that apart from the occasional slip up i thought i had already changed the way i eat. But after reading this tip a few times i realise i am not focusing on the right words.
I have not changed the way i eat, i have changed what i eat. I still eat in the lounge in front of the T.V.....in front of the puter or whilst reading, therefore not focusing on the food and just mindlessly eating. A big No, no.
Everything else stated in the top 2 paragraphs makes sense.....it is already implanted deep down in my psyche.

On another track. I ate like a pig on Saturday. I couldn't get full and thought it was due to a small hangover.......seems like i was social after all on TGIF. I woke up today to a 400g gain which i hope/d to lose again by weigh in but found it was a double whammy. Not only a hangover feed but a TTOTM binge as well which hopefully can be attributed to most of the gain. Just hope it doesn't get any worse. I have been noticeing this year that i have a day just before my monthly visitor where i cannot fill myself up.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Day 7 - Motivation and mindset

Start today and don't delay. The sooner you start the better.

When someone is overweight their body develops a memory for that specific level of body fat. This is often referred to as a 'settling or set point'. The longer the extra weight remains, the more comfortable the body becomes with it there, and the stronger your body will be at defending that 'set point' of fat. Because of this set point, anyone who has been overweight in the past weill find it a little easier to regain body fat in the future. That is unless there are permanent lifestyle changes. So the sooner you lose weight, and the more permanent the changes that you make, the easier it will be.
While it is never too late to improve your health and body shape, the younger you start to lose body fat, the easier it is to get the results.

Well.....i have never heard it put down exactly like this but i have read something similar. About fat cells and that they double in size and then double in quantity as you get larger....it might even have been they quadruple in size, then double in quantity, i can't find the book to get it right though i think it was in the CK cal counter.
I remember that it scared me as that although the fat cells shrink.....they don't die off so that when they double in quantity you will always have that many.
Well this seems very similar and again i worry. I'm not so young anymore. The thing with set point makes me wonder if the reverse is also true. If you take your time losing weight can it become more used to the lower level of body fat????? A while agao i struggled with a plateau and kept bouncing between 135 and 138. Now after a 5 week mini break due to broken scales i was still in the 36's and don't seem to go above that. Maybe my body has become used to this size for now. Another reason why slower weightloss is easier to maintain and also maybe something to do with plateauing itself.
Well it really gets me thinking anyway.

I hope everyone had a great weekend

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Tip 6 - Move more

move more than you do now

To genuinely remove excess stores of body fat and keep it off, you need to get physically active with both planned and incidental movement. Physical activity burns cals and burning cals burns fat. Even light intensity activities such as gardening, household cleaning and slow walking can burn cals. If you use the term movement it isn't as daunting as the word exercise.

The most important thing is to just do something. Start somwhere, and move your body more than you are moving it now. Walking is great as it is free, you can do it anywhere and you already have the equiptment you need----legs.
If you already active, just increase what you are doing a little. Burn off more cals this week than you did last week, and fine tune later on.

OK, well i have been slacking off here as i am getting bored. Maybe it is time to find some new exercise.....sorry, movement

Friday, May 16, 2008

Tip 5 - Good Food

Cut back on how many calories you eat

People get fat by eating too many cals and not burning off enough.....(hmmm sounds alot like yesterdays tip), so to burn fat i need to consume less and burn off more......ok now stuff about a cal deficit...ahh to the end, The key is to eat enough protein and fibre to fill me up and minimse hunger, that way i'll stick to my dietary changes.
Well i don't track fibre and usually my protein is the lowest.

Back to the book....
It is simply not possible to loss body fat without cutting back on my cal intake. Here are some changes that may help...
* Filling out my meals with water-rich vegies.......mostly, but probably not enough
* Add spice to my lunches and dinners.....always, me likes da spice
* Drink water before and during your meals.....slacked right off here big time.
* reduce my alcohol intake and have alcohol free days........WHAT THE???? have you met my good friend Jimmy???? Actually i see a lot less off him over the past 7 months now than i used too. I have always only had alcohol on a Fri/Sat so i have had many free days and i wont be drinking this weekend either. No social Life
* Cut out fruit juice or at least water it down....no probs, don't drink juice.
* Have low-carb dinners or at least use low GI-carbs.......if i think about it my best losses have come when i sticked to steamed protein and steamed veg or salads. Just sometimes it gets a little boring and i have always been a big bread kinda gal.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Tip 4 - Motivation and mindset

If you eat it, burn it. If you drink it, earn it!

So the book advises.......Get a grasp of this heading and you'll go a long way towards getting a handle on the key ingredient to losing weight and fat. That ingredient is changing your energy balance. -----we all know the rest of the drill so i wont go on.

So....it advises me that if i live the title....burning more than i eat and earning what i drink on at least 4 days out of 7, more often than not i will be removing stored body fat. By being aware of my cal balance on a daily basis and making adjustments to my intake and expenditure i should be able to keep my intake under control.

Hmmmmmmm......I have never thought about earning what i drink before. That may come in handy for TGIF's.
The things is, this doesn't take into any consideration fats/carbs/sugars etc...and i do know i can stick to my cal limit with higher fat content food. Surely that isn't good for me. Sure it means i eat less but.....
Also the heading suggests to me that CK's reccomedation of eating back exercise cals isn't right but i don't want to go there as that is a whole other kettle of fish. Though maybe not. Maybe CK makes our cal allowance a little lower to cover this and the book so far doesn't give me a formula with which to figure out my allowance......Confusing.

Now to me...
I had a thought today when i was heading down to pay my bills.....gee i feel like some hot chips. "No" said the saintly me. And that! Dear Watson is my problem. I have been trying to figure out how to get everything working right and i have been so overwhelmed that i have had a fair few binges over the past few weeks. But why should everything be perfect???????
When i first started i managed to make room for small treats like some hot chips. Once i took my daughter down to the park during her lunch break and she had some KFC and i had a subway salad with small KFC chips. I fitted it in and was content and had no more cravings for a while.
Now maybe i haven't exactly been feeling guilty about treats but subcon beating myself up for not being perfect which means i can't enjoy my treat, hence the craving doesn't go away.
I know....rambling. Long and short, i don't think i realised i was feeling guilty.
Did i have any chips?????no, but that is because it is weigh in tomorrow.

Arggggh, my head is hurting, my brain wasn't built for thinking....i'm just a woman
Sorry that was aimed at someone who peeved me off today.

Have a good one

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Tip 3 - Move more

See your doctor before starting an exercise program. (conditions apply)

It has been said that if you could bottle all the benefits of exercise, it would be the most heavily prescribed medication in the world.......Hmmm makes sense.
See your doctor before you start if.......
* you are aged 55 years or older....nope, though sometimes i may feel like it. Be gone evil bourbon
* have had a previous heart attack oir stroke...no, thank goodness.
* are very overweight......
* are a heavy smoker.......
* have a medical condition such as diabetes, asthma, athritis or high blood pressure..................................... No....checked on my mothers machine though there is a history, no, not since a child, no and no.
* are taking prescribed medication.....does Jimmy count?????, seriously then, no.
* have a family history of heart disease......no
* Are pregnant or have given birth in the last 6 weeks.........Although i may look 9 months preggers that is a big N.O!
* Have any doubts about my health......hmmm, yes. I am overweight.

My thoughts........ This one is a silly tip, just a padder and i am sure there are a few of those to pad out to 365 tips. All these things are common sense to me. I didn't see a doc before i started as i no likey them. I try not to go near them unless it is serious.......or unless it is my kids. From the above list i think i am ok enough to do this without my doc but if i was having probs...of course i would see one.

Gee, this one was nothing and i just want to get straight to the next one. Have to reign in my horses though.....keep to the plan.
So tip 3....check

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Tips 1 and 2.

A few months ago i brought a book called lighten up. It has 365 tips in it and i am going to read one a day and blog about it. I started yesterday so todays blog is about tips 1 & 2.

Tip 1 Motivation and mindset. - Take one step today, one giant leap for your health and body
Well i have already taken the step....a year ago. But now time to focus on the next year.The first tip in the book suggests to try and pick one strategy a week to focus on and to take small steps. Check and check. Next.......

Tip 2 Good food - Make food the solution, not the problem
The book suggests....learn to get control of food instead of letting it control me.
* Planning my meals.......not too good with this.
* Shopping to a list.......see above
* Freezing healthy meals so they are easily available........Well apart from making up big batches of soup and freezing them i struggle with dinner meals as with a large family we don't have too many leftovers. I already usually have to double the recipe.
* Keep a food diary....well sort off. When i am being a good little Thamlore i do
* Aim for a lifetime eating plan, not a diet......Well i have always called this an lifestyle change but most of the time they just felt like words. Until recently when my scales died and i kind of went off the rails. Thinking back on what i have eaten over the past 5 weeks i have eaten some unhealthy foods but mostly things were fine but i have just been feeling incredably guilty. So check
* Involve my immediate family....Check
* Manage my stress and find ways to relax.......Umm no. I don't have big things to stress on and don't seem to recognise the little stressfull things......Mark this to do.
* Create a no fail, no willpower required healthy enviroment at home......No good. I do realise my downfall is salty snacks and having them around the house can lead me down the proverbial garden path but my children are fairly healthy and i don't want to make them go without treats as i know this is not of the good.
* Don't deprive myself of anything,just use small portions of treats........Check this but i sometimes feel this is a slighty bad thing. I no longer beat myself up over slip ups but maybe i am too soft on myself.
* Start with small dietary changes and build week by week......Gotcha, though sometimes i do try to do it all at once. Practise with this.

So. I plan to blog a new tip everyday. To get me to focus more....plus to commit to blogging which i feel leads to greater success with weightloss. Plus maybe i'll learn something along the way. Just not sure how long it'll last though as i can never stay with things for too long. Hence not losing 50kg already.

Be healthy guys

Monday, May 12, 2008

To blog or not to blog!

Well that is the question isn't it.
I have been just hanging about....sometimes filling in the food diary, but mostly not but it has been a long time since i have blogged.
I'm going through the motions but have no spark.
Ohh, and i have just realised that 2 days ago marked the end of my first year at CK. Yayy me. But i hoped for so much more. It has been such a struggle to get here and now i need to come up with some sort of mojo booster to help me have a better second year.
My first plan of attack....Blogging more. Though what to blog about when i have the same old , same old nothing happens day. I'm guessing this has something to do with my low motivation as well.

I have been taking a once a week body combat class for a few months now......which is something i would never have considered doing when i first started and now on top of this i am getting ready to start body pump as well. 2 classes! My muscles are very scared with my brain just thinking about it. They have created flabby bingo wings to hide in LOL, well that's my excuse anyway.

i got to week 8 of C25K and then just kind of slacked off. I'm going to have to get back on track with that but........
I need to stop focusing on the past and head for the future. Don't know how i am going to do that. No outstounding revelations yet.

I guess i should be proud that i can at least maintain, try to focus on the kilos i HAVE lost and not just the ones i have left to lose.