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Saturday, July 12, 2008

A bushwalking rehash

Hmmmm, i wonder how silly i am about to be.

1 year and a month ago i tried a huge hike. And i was buggered. See link if interested.


Well i am about to try it again. I don't think there will be much difference as i have slacked off with exercising and mostly stick to walking all the time. I am still babying my spark and thought maybe rehashing something from a year ago may help ignite that little sucker into a full blown fire.

Ummm, we are back. I think!. After the first 10 mins i started to panic and worried that i had made a mistake....de ja vu??? I thought i would be lucky to shave 10 mins off. Then i remembered the 2 hours 10 thing didn't include the rest breaks and photo ops etc. So i hoped to be between 2 hrs to 2 hours 10 with out resting. Remember it is a 2hour ther and back recommendation.

Well....the stairs killed me just as much as they did the first time. There are two huge sets. You go down them on the way there which of course means up on the way back. The first set - on the way back was bad enough and i had slight pauses and cursed my stupidity. The second set was massive and i was starting to panic. Many pauses in the first half of them and then i just told myself i hated this person i was...who can't even manage huge steep steps and i needed to do this for the plane. So with every right step i kept repeating, the plane, the plane, the plane and i managed to finish the second half off with only 2 pauses. ( now when i say steps, think.....huge bloody shelves that take 2 steps between each layer and standing on 1 layer has the next layer to your knee. There are some smaller ones whis only reach mid calf length though) And i thought i would have handled it so much better as for almost a year now i have stopped taking the elevator and used only stairs or escalators - which i walk up and don't remain still on) But i digress.
So we made it over many mountains - though after i had cleared both steps we stopped for a drinks break. 3 mins there.
And the brilliant news!!!!
1 hour and 33 mins there and back! If i take off the drinks break like i did first time round we shaved 40 mins off last time. No wonder i felt it a little earlier, we were going all out. And what is even better. I wasn't strolling along as i shaved 30 mins of the recommended time even.
So, without anything else. That is a true test of fitness and i DID win.
Now please....can someone carry me to my bed?????

BTW.....my children don't normally like so artisitic. LOL
Check out the waves behind them, they were HUGE.


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