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I'm a wife and a mother of 4. I began my 'journey' at 149+ kilos. 8 weeks ago i finally broke the magical barrier of 130 that had confounded me for so long and weighed in at 129.2. Stupid me though, i self sabotaged again and let family issues close me off to the world and i am now 134.6 again and rareing to do anything it takes to get back into new territory.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Charting new territory.

I have finally done it. Left the 35's behind, passed by the 34's and hit the 33's.
It has only taken 5 months.
I have also hit 15kgs lost and they even asked me to submit a motivational story....though i'm not going to as i don't feel quite successful yet.
The best thing........It's TTOTM so this is on top of any bloat, hopefully. Though it is only the first day so that may still be coming.
But that also means that my 2 lindt bunnies wont be eaten in vain No snacking on choccie for easter and then fighting the pms choccie cravings, i can combine the two.
I'm feeling bloody terrific.

Off to steam clean the floor now.
Happy Easter my fellow members

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