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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Tip 27 & 28

Tip 27 - Move more

Do more incidental movement

Can you believe that lots of little bits of movement throughout the day can burn cals and actually help you lose weight? While it isn't as effective as structured exercise, any extra activity helps; and it doesn't have to be vigorous. Random acts of movement are a good way to counteract deskwork, inactive leisure time and labout saving technology that has dramatically reduced the amount of cals we use everyday.

Look for ways to incorperate more movement into your lifestyle, and not for ways to avoid it.
* When you can, walk instead of using the car.
* Use the stairs instead of lifts or elevators.
* Get off public transport before your stop and walk the rest of the way.
* Park your car some distance from you destination and walk.
* Walk to the next office instead of phoning or emailing.
*Go for a short walk during lunch.

The one about parking your car further away is something i use alot. When i go to the supermarket i park in the far corner. Much easier to get a park and i have to walk a bit more. It's amazing now how much i notice the people idling near the fron car parks waiting for someone to vacate.

Tip 28- Motivation and mindset.
Identify barriers to your success.

Why can't you lose weight???? What is holding you back from getting results???Here are some of the more common limiting factors or underlying barriers to fat and weight loss.

* drinking to much alcohol or other empty cals.
* Eating too much takeaway food.
* Eating large portion sizes....especially at night.
* Excessive T.V viewing.
* Lack of exercise and physical activity.
* Overeating due to stress or emotional issues.
* eating too many processed carbs.

As long as these barriers remain unidentified they will continue to stop you from getting results. Think about your lifestyle and your diet. Honestly evaluate yourself. Ask yourself what's working and what's not. Do you have problem areas that are holding you back? What 3 changes could you make that would make the biggest differences to your health? Think about your answers and you'll discover what limiting factors are stopping you from losing weight. Hopefully, it will then become clear what you need to change.

Hmmmm, food for thought. Some of those points are problems for me

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