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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Another blog

Can't think of a title, hence the above.

Well another day another workout! It did feel like that...well at least to start.
I'm 5 for 5 weekdays at contours. Today was supposed to be a day off due to needing to do food shopping and paying bills etc...etc...

My friend who i go with though couldn't make it so it is on for tomorrow so i felt a bit blah getting ready to leave for my workout.
i think it was more of a 'It's supposed to be a day off' thing. I was fine once i hit the bike for the warm up.

I've changed my plans regarding contours anyway. I was going to go, Mon, Tues, Thurs and Fri. As previosly said, Wed being shopping. But i have decided to make the most of my dollars and go everyday and hopefully Sat. I'll change my shopping day permanently to Thurs as on that day i'll have to go in the evening and Wed is fully booked with the kids hobbies. Sats will be 7:30, 8 o'clockish so we have the rest of the day to veg or whatever.
I have a trip i have to take in the first few months of next year and for this i am concentrating on losing the cms which is why i figure to make the most of my membership.

I feel like the gym is occiupying most of my thoughts at the moment but i am not going to complain as it is the first time i have had more than a weeks worth of mojo since i snapped my tendon late last year. Never look a gift horse in the mouth ahuh!

I looked in the mirror last night just after stepping out of the shower. I sucked everything in as far as i could and kind of got a mental image of what it would be like to be around the 100kg mark-ish. I may have to do this more often when the motivation wanes.
My muscles feel nicely used and sort of tighter. I keep thinking i should get the tape measure out but i know this is fanciful and i'll wait a couple more weeks yet.
I'm not looking forward to next week.....hubby is back at work then - men....don't they just get under your feet!, so then my plan is to walk to and from the gym which will be about 30mins - 35 each way. Oh...except for Thurs evenings and Sat mornings. I figure i need a medal just for contemplating leaving the house that early

Well, hope hump day treated you well.


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