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I'm a wife and a mother of 4. I began my 'journey' at 149+ kilos. 8 weeks ago i finally broke the magical barrier of 130 that had confounded me for so long and weighed in at 129.2. Stupid me though, i self sabotaged again and let family issues close me off to the world and i am now 134.6 again and rareing to do anything it takes to get back into new territory.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

I've lost my happy dolphins :(

Well, i'm still doing contours. I've been everyday they are open since i joined, except the first Sat as i A Didin't think i'd want to and B Thought i'd need the rest.
I had happy dolphins for the first full week, which made it a hell of a lot easier to be good. 2 weeks later and i haven't seen them since. Still going but sometimes i feel blah and am counting down the machines until i am finshed or i really work my arse off and feel some major power and determination flowing through me, but still no happy dolphins.

I have even booked into their super session this week, admittedly after asking if i could madify some moves due to my size as i heard women talking about how hard and scary it is. I was told i would be able to handle it easy from what the have seen when watching me - now that made me feel good for a while.

Are happy dolphins realated to other things? Like if maybe you haven't eaten enough that day - so far, no dolphins.
Feeling some ache in my knee, no dolphins.


On another note, i wont be doing the 6 week challenge as they are not running it due to being school hols soon. Sorry if i have mentioned this before. I can't remember if i mentioned it in thread or in blog.


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