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I'm a wife and a mother of 4. I began my 'journey' at 149+ kilos. 8 weeks ago i finally broke the magical barrier of 130 that had confounded me for so long and weighed in at 129.2. Stupid me though, i self sabotaged again and let family issues close me off to the world and i am now 134.6 again and rareing to do anything it takes to get back into new territory.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Febuary challenge


To eat 5 veg and 2 fruit per day.

Week beginning 1st:  6/0-5/0-0/0-0/0-0/0-0/0-0/0
Week beginning 8th:
Week beginning 15th:
Week beginning 22nd
:  0/0-0/0-0/0-0/0-0/0-0/0-0/0

Note:-Hmmm, my challenge doesn't look to good this month. It's not that i've rarely eaten my fruit and veg - well, i am a little slack with my fruit, but i am always above on the veg side - especially with salad vegies but i just struggle to log them in.

I'll move on to a  new challenge for next month and try the fruit and beg one another few months down the track.

Week Thirteen: -5th Feb 10-+1 kg

Week Fourteen: -12th Feb 10-0

Week Fifteen: -19th Feb 10-2.4 kg

Week Sixteen: -26th Feb 10-0.3kg

(134.6) Nov  '09 :- 1.8kg

(132.8) Dec '09:-3.0kg

(129.8) Jan '10:-1.1kg

(128.7) Feb '10:-1.7kg

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