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Monday, February 18, 2008

Meeting the guru.

Well that is the name we came up with for Julie (jigsaw). The guru. BTW morethan50 group.....you are all required to chip in next time to buy her a guru bus We'll see her touring nationally as a living soon.
After laughing pretty much all the way during our trip to melb we....and i do mean Ness as she did all the driving - thank you very much lovey, picked Julie up to take her to the meet, although we sort of got.....hmmmmmm, not lost, just scenic. By the time we got there my face was hurting from all the laughing and we were all worried about Jo (Joleb) as she was the only person who was going to make it on time and we ended up being 45 mins late. Thankfully she didn't give up on us and found us at the cafe not long after we arrived. Soon after Lisa(LHewitt) arrived and we decided to order drinks as we waited for Sami(primmy85).
Now to say the service was bad is to be too polite. It took 2 hours to have A coffee, lunch and recieve the check. Now it only took 20 mins to consume lunch and we only waited about that, maybe even less before we asked for the check, so imagine what was going on the other 1 hour 20 mins.
Then there was the skinny blonde waitress, who when she was asked if the skinny latte would be made with skim milk or the 2% fat milk replied...........I don't bother with that, i go to a gym. Pffffft, she nearly got herself slapped by five women all at the same time After FINALLY recieving our coffees we were offered3 other rounds that didn't belong to us.
Ness was great to take along, after she collected the check - who knows how much longer we would have had to wait if we left it to the waitress to bring, she calmly and politely told the manager she thought the service was bad - to which he said they had only just taken over. My thoughts.......Give it back! hmmmmmm We did manage to keep our humor though.
The scenery was beautiful and the company was great. Sammi and her friend found great joy in just taking off their shoes and standing on the soft green grass, something we all rarely see nowadays.. Jo turned up for the second time.....sorry Jo, and i recognised her from her avatar. She has such a lovely smile, it just shines, she looked absolutely amazing as well. Lisa, was bright and summery and it was lovely to see her up close as you don't get to see much of her from her avatar. Katt, who i had already met was a giggly little thing, and we got to meet her darling babies from her piccie, soooo cute. Ness just oozes soooooo much confidence, she shines. I now know why she had no problems just rocking up and doing so many different gym classes - something i was able to manage without a buddy. And yes..... i was surprised to find her fitting in a workout in before hand though i shouldn't have been. Her simple answer.......i want to say i have done it everyday and if i don't fit it in now, i may not be able to after. Simple. Julie looked bloody amazing. Although i should have guessed that the little gym machine, and she is such a softly spoken lady., sorry, softly spoken guru
All in all a wonderful day, it is great to put faces to names and it was amazing at how we all just seemed so easy and comfortable with each other. I know we chat and all, but to find no uncomfortable silences etc..... surprised me. Lots of chatting and laughter was had by all. I must apologize though.......i know i talk too much, i always have. Hopefully your ears have fully recovered

a bientot

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