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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Lillie Ross's Health Tip - 5/11/09

"Activity is Beneficial...
Even When You Do Only 10 Minutes at a Time"

As the busy holiday season approaches, it is
Most important that we NOT neglect our
activity (exercise) regimen. Yes, we know it
is difficult to find the time to fit it into
our busy lives.

We have mentioned before that you do not have
to find time to complete your activity in one
session during the day. According to the
University of California, Berkley Wellness
Letter, an Irish study of sedentary people in
their mid- forties, short periods of activity
can yield the same physical and psychological
benefits as longer workouts.

They compared the effects of one brisk 30
minute walk with three brisk 10 minute walks
that were spread out during the day. Both
groups participated 5 days a week for six weeks.
Both groups showed similar improvement in blood
cholesterol levels and aerobic ability.

Also there were decreases in tension and anxiety
in both groups. And they concluded, that as in
previous studies, the total number of calories
that are expended in physical activity seems to
be the most important factor!

We found another activity and caffeine related
Article in Bottom Line newsletter that was
interesting. It said that if you drink coffee
or tea 90 minutes before your activity, the
caffeine stimulates the release of free fatty
acids, which the body uses for energy during

This leads to fat loss. The recommended amount
was about 200 milligrams of caffeine which is
about one mug of coffee or three cups of black

As always check with your doctor before adding
anything or activity to your weight loss program.

Also, we need to keep our activity as an important
part of our weight loss program during this time
when food is so abundantly a part of everything
we do. It is the help we need to use up those
extra calories from those special foods that we
might choose to eat in the weeks to come.

Here's to slimming down and feeling great!


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