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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Tip 9 - move more

Todays lesson, the book says........

Warm up before you exercise (it can help you burn more cals)

The purpose of a warm up is to prepare your body for exercise, and ease you from a resting state into an active one. The gradual increase in your heart rate helps to deliver more oxygen and glucose to your muscles, which can increase your level of preformance during exercise, and burn more cals. It can also help to prevent soft tissue injuries, which could interrupt the momentum of your exercise program.

A warm up should focus on elevating your heart rate for around 5 mins using the muscles that are part of your planned activity. For gentle walking or cycling, just start at a slower speed for the first few mins. If you have an intense activity like sprinting or weights it may be beneficial to do some stretches after you have elevated your Heart Rate. Never stretch cold. The importance of your warm up will also depend on the air temp. When it's cold, it takes longer to warm up your muscles, so increase the duration.

*sigh* What i knew already. These first few tips seem to be the norm. I am only reading 1 tip a day so i hope they get better. I am persevering though.

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