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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Tip 4 - Motivation and mindset

If you eat it, burn it. If you drink it, earn it!

So the book advises.......Get a grasp of this heading and you'll go a long way towards getting a handle on the key ingredient to losing weight and fat. That ingredient is changing your energy balance. -----we all know the rest of the drill so i wont go on.

So....it advises me that if i live the title....burning more than i eat and earning what i drink on at least 4 days out of 7, more often than not i will be removing stored body fat. By being aware of my cal balance on a daily basis and making adjustments to my intake and expenditure i should be able to keep my intake under control.

Hmmmmmmm......I have never thought about earning what i drink before. That may come in handy for TGIF's.
The things is, this doesn't take into any consideration fats/carbs/sugars etc...and i do know i can stick to my cal limit with higher fat content food. Surely that isn't good for me. Sure it means i eat less but.....
Also the heading suggests to me that CK's reccomedation of eating back exercise cals isn't right but i don't want to go there as that is a whole other kettle of fish. Though maybe not. Maybe CK makes our cal allowance a little lower to cover this and the book so far doesn't give me a formula with which to figure out my allowance......Confusing.

Now to me...
I had a thought today when i was heading down to pay my bills.....gee i feel like some hot chips. "No" said the saintly me. And that! Dear Watson is my problem. I have been trying to figure out how to get everything working right and i have been so overwhelmed that i have had a fair few binges over the past few weeks. But why should everything be perfect???????
When i first started i managed to make room for small treats like some hot chips. Once i took my daughter down to the park during her lunch break and she had some KFC and i had a subway salad with small KFC chips. I fitted it in and was content and had no more cravings for a while.
Now maybe i haven't exactly been feeling guilty about treats but subcon beating myself up for not being perfect which means i can't enjoy my treat, hence the craving doesn't go away.
I know....rambling. Long and short, i don't think i realised i was feeling guilty.
Did i have any chips?????no, but that is because it is weigh in tomorrow.

Arggggh, my head is hurting, my brain wasn't built for thinking....i'm just a woman
Sorry that was aimed at someone who peeved me off today.

Have a good one

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