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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Tip 13 - Motivation and mindset

The book says....
Use short term goals, and plan a path to your long term goal

Short term goals are like stepping stones to help you reach your destination. These are the specific actions, steps, behaviours, skills and thinking processes you will need for your outcome to eventuate. You have much more control over the process than you do over the results. Some examples are.....
* Plan your meals for the next 7 days.
* Drink water before eating your breakfast, lunch and dinner.
* Have 3 alchohol free nights each week
* Use your dumbbells twice each week.
* Add interval training to your walks once a week.
* Walk for 5 days each week.

Write down your long term goals on a piece of paper, and plan out how you will achieve that goal in steps. Then transfer those steps and goals into your diary. Writing down your goals is a valuable part of the goal setting process. The visual reminder helps to focus your attention on the things that matter. When you consider that 95% of dieters fail to lose weight and keep it off, and only 5% of the population wrotes down their goals, this simple step could make a world of difference.

I'm going to have to get back to this with my own thoughts. All of a sudden the house is full and busy

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