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I'm a wife and a mother of 4. I began my 'journey' at 149+ kilos. 8 weeks ago i finally broke the magical barrier of 130 that had confounded me for so long and weighed in at 129.2. Stupid me though, i self sabotaged again and let family issues close me off to the world and i am now 134.6 again and rareing to do anything it takes to get back into new territory.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Tips 1 and 2.

A few months ago i brought a book called lighten up. It has 365 tips in it and i am going to read one a day and blog about it. I started yesterday so todays blog is about tips 1 & 2.

Tip 1 Motivation and mindset. - Take one step today, one giant leap for your health and body
Well i have already taken the step....a year ago. But now time to focus on the next year.The first tip in the book suggests to try and pick one strategy a week to focus on and to take small steps. Check and check. Next.......

Tip 2 Good food - Make food the solution, not the problem
The book suggests....learn to get control of food instead of letting it control me.
* Planning my meals.......not too good with this.
* Shopping to a list.......see above
* Freezing healthy meals so they are easily available........Well apart from making up big batches of soup and freezing them i struggle with dinner meals as with a large family we don't have too many leftovers. I already usually have to double the recipe.
* Keep a food diary....well sort off. When i am being a good little Thamlore i do
* Aim for a lifetime eating plan, not a diet......Well i have always called this an lifestyle change but most of the time they just felt like words. Until recently when my scales died and i kind of went off the rails. Thinking back on what i have eaten over the past 5 weeks i have eaten some unhealthy foods but mostly things were fine but i have just been feeling incredably guilty. So check
* Involve my immediate family....Check
* Manage my stress and find ways to relax.......Umm no. I don't have big things to stress on and don't seem to recognise the little stressfull things......Mark this to do.
* Create a no fail, no willpower required healthy enviroment at home......No good. I do realise my downfall is salty snacks and having them around the house can lead me down the proverbial garden path but my children are fairly healthy and i don't want to make them go without treats as i know this is not of the good.
* Don't deprive myself of anything,just use small portions of treats........Check this but i sometimes feel this is a slighty bad thing. I no longer beat myself up over slip ups but maybe i am too soft on myself.
* Start with small dietary changes and build week by week......Gotcha, though sometimes i do try to do it all at once. Practise with this.

So. I plan to blog a new tip everyday. To get me to focus more....plus to commit to blogging which i feel leads to greater success with weightloss. Plus maybe i'll learn something along the way. Just not sure how long it'll last though as i can never stay with things for too long. Hence not losing 50kg already.

Be healthy guys

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