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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Tip 11 - Good food.

Know your kilojoules from your calories

Kjs and cals measure the total energy value of foods. Australia uses kjs, but cals are still used as a measurement in the US. 1 cal is equivalent to 4.2 kjs. Our bodies need roughly 5500-6500 kjs per day, although this will vary depending on your age, weight, height and activity levels............(Blah, blah, blah...CK 101)....to burn off 1 kg of body fat we need to create a deficit of 38,000 kjs a week (9000 cals) or 5500kjs a day. That is why fat loss is such a slow process.

Even if you don't want to be obsessed with counting kjs, cals, fat grams or carbs, it is helpful information when you are first changing your diet, or investigating new foods. It gives you a fresh perspective on eating smaller portions, avoiding high-kj laden beverages that don't fill you up and keeping track of your fat and alcohol intake is important. Controlling your kj input puts you in the best position to burn off the excess Kjs already stored on your body as fat.

Hmmmm, i didn't know most of Oz preferred to count kjs. It has always been cals for me. And i thought that to burn off half a kilo you needed to have a defecit of 3500 cals which doubled makes 7000 cals to lose a kilo. That is a 2000 cal difference to this book.
All in all this is another blah, blah tip.
*sigh* Tomorrow brings tip 12.

On the plus side, i have been blogging for almost 2 weeks straight. Yayy me.

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