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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Tip 10- Motivation and mindset

Have a clear, positive, long term goal to strive for

Setting goals is one of the most under-used strategies for weight control, but one of the most important. You can have the desire, but without a specific target to aim for you can easily miss the mark. Goal setting gives you direction and motivation, helping you to work systematically and progressively towards an end result.

Setting a long term goal helps to focus you attention, linking knowledge and desire to purpose and action. Setting a goal to lose 10 kilos in 12 months is okay, but your focus is negative. To get over the hurdles and obstacles that will be part of every weight loss journey, it helps to have a positive focus. It is important to think long and hard about what will drive you. Your level of desire to achieve this goal will ultimately determine your level of success. For example.....
* Compete in a local fun run.
* Compete in a marathon, triathlon, big swim or endurance paddling event.
* Walk or cycle between 2 distant towns, suburbs or beaches.
* Complete the Kokoda track in Papua New Guinea.
* Exercise 6 days a week for 12 weeks.

Hmmmmm, this tip seems pretty sound. My goals are weight orientated but because they are so large i don't really focus on them but instead just kind of sideways glance at them.
I think the last example is a great one. To exercise 6 days a week for 12 weeks. I am also quite keen on canoeing or white water rafting. Just waiting for myself to get smaller.
Wanting to accomplish a major physical achievement seems like it can be a strong desire.

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