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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Tip 3 - Move more

See your doctor before starting an exercise program. (conditions apply)

It has been said that if you could bottle all the benefits of exercise, it would be the most heavily prescribed medication in the world.......Hmmm makes sense.
See your doctor before you start if.......
* you are aged 55 years or older....nope, though sometimes i may feel like it. Be gone evil bourbon
* have had a previous heart attack oir stroke...no, thank goodness.
* are very overweight......
* are a heavy smoker.......
* have a medical condition such as diabetes, asthma, athritis or high blood pressure..................................... No....checked on my mothers machine though there is a history, no, not since a child, no and no.
* are taking prescribed medication.....does Jimmy count?????, seriously then, no.
* have a family history of heart disease......no
* Are pregnant or have given birth in the last 6 weeks.........Although i may look 9 months preggers that is a big N.O!
* Have any doubts about my health......hmmm, yes. I am overweight.

My thoughts........ This one is a silly tip, just a padder and i am sure there are a few of those to pad out to 365 tips. All these things are common sense to me. I didn't see a doc before i started as i no likey them. I try not to go near them unless it is serious.......or unless it is my kids. From the above list i think i am ok enough to do this without my doc but if i was having probs...of course i would see one.

Gee, this one was nothing and i just want to get straight to the next one. Have to reign in my horses though.....keep to the plan.
So tip 3....check

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